The Syrian community in Algeria celebrates President Al-Assad's re-election

Algeria (ST): The Syrian community in Algeria continued its celebrations of President Bashar Al-Assad's victory in the presidential elections, reaffirming its support for the homeland in the face of the challenges it confronts.

The Syrian embassy in Algeria held a reception on this occasion, which witnessed a wide participation of the members of the Syrian community and many Algerian journalists, intellectuals and academics to express congratulations on the victory of the will of the Syrian people over all foreign conspiracies and pressures.


The Syrian ambassador to Algeria, Dr. Numeir Wahib Al-Ghanem, indicated during the ceremony that the results of the presidential elections are a message to the world about the Syrians’ adherence to their independent national decision and constitutes a defeat for Syria’s enemies.

Ambassador Al-Ghanem stressed that the broad participation of the community members expresses their love and belonging to their homeland and their pride in its courageous leadership.They affirmed that they will continue to work to build a renewed Syria and rebuild what has been destroyed by terrorism.