The Syrian community in Austria and Slovakia: The results of the presidential elections are a victory for the will of the Syrian people

  On May 31st, the Syrian community in Austria and Slovakia expressed their pride in the results of the presidential elections in Syria, in which Dr. President Bashar Al-Assad won with an absolute majority.

During a ceremony held by the Syrian embassy in Vienna, members of the two communities affirmed that they would continue working behind the leadership of President Al-Assad for the sake of rebuilding Syria.


For his part, the Syrian ambassador and permanent representative to the international organizations in Vienna, Dr. Hassan Khaddour, affirmed that the Syrians ’will has foiled the plans of agents and enemies of the homeland and all forms of Western conspiracy against Syria.

Khaddour addressed the participants by saying “ Your attendance at the Syrian embassy in Vienna to offer congratulations and celebrate the victory of President Al-Assad is an expression of your belonging, your high patriotism, and your preservation of national unity.”

O. al-Mohammad