Syrian communities abroad celebrate the success of presidential elections

Our communities and embassies in a number of countries around the world continued their celebrations of the success of the presidential elections. A number of personalities, parties and international forces congratulated the success of the presidential elections and the victory of Dr. Bashar al-Assad, noting the wide participation of Syrians at home and abroad in these elections.

In the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the Syrian embassy held a celebration for President al-Assad's victory in the elections, in the presence of the diplomatic mission and a number of members of the Syrian community and the National Union of Syrian Students, Egypt branch.

The participants in the celebration  reiterated their support to their country and their leadership in  rebuilding  Syria and raising its flag in all international forums. They expressed their joy at the victory that was embodied in the electoral achievement and the victory of President al-Assad.

Dr. Bassam Darwish, head of the Syrian diplomatic mission in Cairo noted that the wide participation of Syrians in the presidential elections is evidence of their adherence to their independent national decision and the failure of all conspiratorial plans against their country.

Ambassador Darwish expressed hope for the restoration of security and stability to the entire Syrian territory, so that the next stage would be a stage of hope and work in which the Syrians would contribute to the reconstruction of their beloved homeland.

William Al-Moallem, Head of the National Union of Syrian Students, Egypt Branch, expressed the students’ pride in achieving the presidential elections and the victory achieved by President Al-Assad. He pointed out that Syria sent a message to the world that the Syrians by their steadfastness and standing with their country and leadership are the ones who determine their future and reject the systematic campaigns against them and the sanctions.

Members of the Syrian community in Spain expressed their happiness at the achievement of the constitutional entitlement  and the victory of President al-Assad in the presidential elections. They  pointed out that despite all the conspiracies against the Syrian people, the elections were accomplished. The success of presidential elections constitutes a victory for the Syrian Arab people who fulfilled their electoral duty, and the result was a severe blow to all the enemies of the homeland.

In Bulgaria, the Bulgarian National Civil Initiative “Bulgaria against the war on Syria and Iran” indicated that Syria once again presented a model for all humanity on how to defend the homeland and preserve the national sovereignty, pointing out that the wide participation of Syrians in the elections is an example not only for all European countries but for the whole world as well.

In Indonesia, the Association of Graduates of the Levant Universities and Institutes congratulated President al-Assad on his victory in the presidential elections.

The head of the "Sarkhat Watan Movement" in Lebanon, Jihad Thebian, said that the political victory that Syria achieved during the presidential elections is part of the battle in which it won militarily by thwarting the plans that targeted it for a decade.

Thebian pointed out that "the next stage will be a pivotal phase in the history of Syria and the restoration of its pivotal role regionally and internationally. He said that the large popular participation in the elections is evidence of Syria's exit from its crisis.

Vice-President of the Free Patriotic Movement, former Lebanese Minister Tariq al-Khatib, congratulated the Syrian people on President al-Assad's victory in the presidential elections. He stressed that the Syrian people, through their wide participation, demonstrated their loyalty and trust in President al-Assad's leadership and struggle to protect the unity of the Syrian people and defeat terrorism.

Member of Parliament of the Turkish Republican People's Party, Abdul Latif Şener, considered that the presidential elections in Syria constitute a defeat for the Turkish regime's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his policies in Syria and the region in general.

"The holding of the elections is a clear and explicit challenge to all the enemies of Syria at home and abroad," he said, adding that "the large participation of the Syrian people in the elections proves their steadfastness despite their suffers from the effects of the terrorist war and the continuation of US and West sanctions on their country".

Inas Abdulkareem