Syrian Embassy in Indonesia holds reception on the occasion of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad's victory in presidential elections

The Syrian Embassy in Jakarta held a reception for the Syrian community in Indonesia on the occasion of the electoral success and the victory of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad as President of the Republic.

The Chargé d'Affairs at the Syrian Embassy in Indonesia, Abdel Moneim Annan, stressed in a speech during the ceremony that the success of the presidential elections is a victory for the Syrians' will over the projects of hegemony and foreign interference in Syria's internal affairs.

Annan stressed that the Syrians' vote by an overwhelming majority for Dr. Assad is a vote for the dignity, pride and unity of the Syrian people, and to continue fighting terrorism and confronting the schemes of hegemony and foreign occupation.

On behalf of the Indonesian Scholars Association, Head of the Indonesian Scholars Association, Dr. Siraj Akel, congratulated the Syrian people on the victory of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad in the elections. He considered that the results of the presidential elections are evidence of Syria's victory over terrorism and prove people's adherence to their will, independent choices, and the unity and sovereignty of the nation.

Head of the Indonesian Association of Graduates of the Levant Institutes and Universities, Ahmed Fater Hanbali, stressed in his speech that voting for Dr. Bashar Al-Assad is a vote for the pride of the Islamic nation and the will to defeat injustice.

The participant congratulated their homeland, the Syrian people and their leader for this new victory, which was achieved through the completion of the elections, despite the efforts of the enemies of Syria to obstruct them through pressures and sanctions. They expressed their pride in Syria's national stances.

Inas Abdulkareem