Syrian Expatriates in Sweden hail results of presidential elections in Syria

Representatives of Syrian expatriates' clubs, associations and leagues in Sweden and Europe have extended their congratulations to Syria on the success of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad in the country's presidential elections, confirming the loyalty of the Syrian expatriates to their motherland.

In a statement on Friday, the Syrian expatriates said that the results of these eletions affirm that the Syrian people have chosen to vote for a stronger Syria that will manage to restore its rights and key position in the region.

They described the  celebrations  the Syrians held countrywide and abroad as a great moment in the history of the homeland.

In the same context, the Central Committee of the Belarusian Communist Party said that the results of these elections embody the Syrian people's rejection of all forms of foreign interference in their internal affairs and constitute a victory for the Syrians who remained adherent to their country's sovereignty and independent decision.

  According to the committee, the results of voting had confirmed the confidence of the Syrian citizens in the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad which aims at protecting the country against foreign interference and at attaining stability in the country

On its part, the Council of the Muslims' Unity Party in Pakistan said that holding the Syrian presidential elections indicates the victory of the Syrian sovereignty over terrorism.

"The Syrian people, under the leadership of President Al-Assad, have resisted and struggled against imperialist forces and terrorist organizations and managed to foil their attempts to undermine Syria," the party said, expressing confidence in President Al-Assad's  ability to reconstruct Syria and lead it towards prosperity.