Syrian community in South Africa celebrates the victory of Dr. Bashar al-Assad in the presidential elections

Pretoria (ST): Members of the Syrian community in South Africa celebrated the success of the presidential elections and the victory of Dr. Bashar al-Assad during a massive national event held at the headquarters of the Syrian Embassy in Pretoria, with the participation of South African political figures and activists.

The participants  expressed their joy at President al-Assad's victory, reiterating their confidence in Syria's leadership towards safety and the reconstruction of what was destroyed by terrorism, expressing their support for their country in confronting terrorism and its supporters.


Syria's ambassador to South Africa, Onfwan Al-Na’eb, affirmed that the achievement of the presidential elections on time is a victory for the Syrian national decision and the will of the Syrians, and an explicit expression of their rejection of Western countries' attempts to disrupt the elections, influence their results, or interfere in the internal affairs of a member state of the United Nations.

Al-Na’eb said, "The Syrians' choice of President al-Assad is a clear message sent by the people of Syria around the globe, that just as their wills were united with the Syrian state in the face of terrorism, their wills are united with their state and leadership to rebuild the future Syria."

In turn, the head of the Syrian Expatriates Association, Dr. Omar Al-Adel, expressed in a speech on behalf of the Syrian community  pride in President Al-Assad's victory in the presidential elections, pointing out that the next stage is to rebuild Syria.

Mohammad Desai, a member of the National Youth Committee of the South African Communist Party, the Director of Africa for Palestine organization congratulated  the Syrian people's success on the presidential elections, praising the steadfastness of the Syrians in the face of the terrorist plot against their homeland.

Desai affirmed his party's support for Syria in its confrontation of terrorism and Western plans targeting it, denouncing the unilateral coercive economic measures imposed by Western countries on the Syrian people that targeted  their livelihood and basic needs.