Syrian community in Serbia celebrates the victory of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad in the presidential elections

Belgrade-Stockholm, (ST) - The children of the Syrian community and our students studying in Serbia celebrated the success of the presidential elections and the victory of Dr. Bashar Al-Assad in the presidential elections during an event held at the headquarters of the Syrian embassy in the capital, Belgrade.

The participants in the celebration affirmed their support for their homeland, Syria, in the reconstruction and in the face of terrorism. They stressed that, the success of the presidential elections constituted a severe blow to the enemies of Syria and their tools, who tried by various means to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria.

The Chargé d'Affairs, ,Othman Saab, said in a speech during the celebration that, the achievement of this entitlement was a message to the whole world from the people in Syria who proved that their decision is independent. These people believe in their future and the independence of their will.

Raghda Sawas