FIA-Arab Organization renews its support for the people, army and leadership of Syria

On June 9th, FIA-Arab Organization reiterated its support for the Syrian people, army and leadership, expressing its rejection of the unjust Western economic sanctions against the Syrian people.

The organization sent a cable of support and congratulations to President Bashar al-Assad on his victory in the presidential elections.

The Organization held its first meeting under the chairmanship of Ziad Enrique Al-Hamad, Head of the organization, and in the presence of the Secretary of the Arab Socialist Baath Party in Venezuela, Riyad Irsheid, at the headquarters of the Syrian Club in Caracas.


During the meeting, a number of important decisions were taken, including an agreement to set up permanent headquarters for the organization in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, and to take care of the affairs of the Arab community in general.

The organization also sent two letters to the Papal Ambassador in Caracas and the European Union Ambassador to Venezuela on behalf of the Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian Arab communities.

The two letters rejected the unilateral, unjust and inhumane economic sanctions on the Syrian people and called for action to abolish them as soon as possible.


O. al-Mohammad