Syrian expatriates in Belgium celebrate the reelection of President Al-Assad

The Syrian Community in Belgium and some EU countries have celebrated the success of the Syrian presidential elections and the reelection of President Bashar Al-Assad.

Members of this community held a national celebration at the Syrian Embassy in Belgium. They stressed that the results of these elections express the Syrian people's adherence to the independent decision and sovereignty of their homeland and their rejection of foreign interference in their country's internal affairs.

The Syrian expatriates reaffirmed their support for their motherland in the face all the schemes that target its unity and independence.

 Abdul Mawla Al-Nuqqari, the Charge d' Affairs of the Syrian Mission to the European Union, said that the results of presidential elections in Syria culminate the Syrians' victories achieved on terrorism and its supporters, pointing out that holding these elections on due time has proved the solidity of the Syrian stance in the face the most heinous conspiracy that targeted the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity.  

"This achievement is a basic element that strengthens the steadfastness of the axis of resistance," Al-Nuqqari said.

On his part, Archbishop of the Syriac Orthodox Church in Belgium, France and Luxemburg, Georgeus Koreyya said in a statement "we hope that hard work will start with the aim of restoring active life in Syria so that security, stability and progress can be attained in the country."

Hamda Mustafa