Syrian students in Russia: President Al-Assad's speech establishes the stage of rebuilding

Syrian students studying in Russia stressed the importance of President Bashar Al-Assad's speech after taking the constitutional oath. 
Muhammad Ghaleb Omran, a doctoral student in law, said:  “We, the young generation, consider the president’s speech as a compass for us to work for the next stage for the rebuilding of Syria.” 
He added that the speech was comprehensive and had multiple addresses and tracks. 
Fatima Qudsia, a member of the leadership of the branch of the Syrian Students National Union in Russia, said: “President Al-Assad put an end to lies that were woven by the forces of the conspiracy against Syria to launch the ten-year-long terrorist war against it.” 
For her part, Lama Dahi, a graduate of the Language Institute at Friendship University, said: “After taking the constitutional oath, President al-Assad emphasized fighting terrorism and improving the economic and social situation of all Syrian citizens.” 
Student Ghadeer Hassan Suleiman from the Faculty of Philology at the Russian Friendship University confirmed that the Syrian students will complete their education to return to their homeland to participate in its rebuilidng process. 
While Hala Muhammad Khalouf, a medical student, noted the main tracks included in President al-Assad’s comprehensive speech, and said, “We must devote all efforts in these directions identified by President Bashar al-Assad , because they are necessary in terms of building our country with our own hands, especially with the efforts of the young generation and students.” 
She added that the speech focused in particular on the importance of developing the economic situation for of he Syrian people. 
Inas Abdulkareem