Syrian expatriates in Canada condemn (Caesar Act) which is contrary to international law

A number of members of the Syrian community in Canada held a protest in front of the embassy building in the capital Ottawa, demanding the lifting of unilateral coercive measures imposed on Syria.

Participants condemned the so –called (Caesar Act) which is contrary to

International law and human rights and targets the Syrian people.

Participants in the vigil emphasized their support for their homeland in the face of terrorism, aggression, the unjust siege and their pride in the steadfastness of the people, army and leadership of Syria, emphasizing the sacrifices of the Syrian army which were made for the sake of the Syria’ unity and in defense of its independent national decision.

Syrian community in Germany rallies in front of US Embassy in Berlin to protest against "Caersar Act"

BERLIN, (ST)- The Syrian students and community in Germany on Friday organized a rally in front of the US Embassy in Berlin to reject the economic siege and the so-called Caesar Act imposed by the United States on the Syrian people.

The rally was organized by the National Union of Syrian Students-Germany Branch- and the Syrian German Forum “Syrians in Germany", according to the Syrian News Agency.

Participants in the rally affirmed their solidarity with their motherland, Syria in the face of the US economic terrorism and the unfair unilateral coercive economic measures imposed on the Syrians, mainly those imposed under "Caesar Act".

Speeches during the rally affirmed that the American administration and the European Union will not be able, through their new coercive measures, to achieve the political gains that they could not achieve during the past years despite their absolute support for terrorists on the Syrian soil. They also asserted that the economic terrorism practiced by Syria's enemies will not dissuade the Syrian people from continuing their fight until they achieve complete victory over terrorism.

The Syrian community in the Czech Republic: Caesar Act targets the lives of Syrians and is doomed to failure

Members of the Syrian community in the Czech Republic confirmed that the so-called Caesar Act is a barbaric American measure that targets the lives of Syrian citizens and represents a blatant violation of all international laws and human and moral values.

Members of the community said in a statement that "this law represents new evidence of  bankruptcy of the American Administration after its failure to achieve its goals by dominating Syria despite its great support for terrorists and the continued looting of Syrian oil."

Syrian students in Cuba: US coercive measures are a crime against humanity

Havana (ST): Syrian students studying at Cuban universities and members of the Syrian community in Cuba have denounced the US unilateral coercive measures which target the Syrian people, stressing that these measures are considered a flagrant violation of the international law and conventions and a blatant violation of human rights.

In a statement, the students and members of the community said that these unfair measures came within the framework of the terrorist war to which Syria has been subjected to for more than nine years.

The statement affirmed that the US administration, which failed to achieve its sinister objectives through terrorist war, is trying now to achieve them through economic terrorism that targets the Syrian people's livelihood.

The Syrian-American community in a message to Trump: Sanctions against the Syrian people are a war crime and a form of racism

Washington,(ST)-In a letter to US President Donald Trump, members of the Syrian American community in the United States stressed that Washington is committing a war crime against the Syrian people by imposing sanctions and the so-called “Caesar’s Act”, which constitutes a form of racism and must be lifted immediately.

"We stand with our people in Syria who are confronting the most brutal kind of war, the economic war which is being led by the American government," said the letter sent by the president of the Syrian American Architecture Society in the United States, Aziz Wehbe, in the name of the community, during a protest stand against sanctions in Pennsylvania yesterday.