Syrian expatriates visit the headquarters of a number of missions to the United Nations in New York

New York, ST- A group of Syrian expatriates in the United States and Canada visited the permanent missions of Russia, China, Iran, the Niger, and the St. Vincent Republic, in the United Nations in New York.

The  Syrian expatriates called on an  end to the occupation forces' presence in parts of the Syrian territories , and to lift the unilateral economic coercive measures imposed on Syrian people, in addition to facilitating  the return of the displaced  as a result of terrorism. They also stressed the need  not to politicize the issue of humanitarian aid.

Suhail Najjar .. The Miracle Syrian Doctor

Dr. Suhail Najjar was born in Damascus, obtained his medical degree from Damascus Medicine University, and completed researches in pathology and neurology at Albany (NY) Medical College in 1983.

He is one of the first experts in the field of treating encephalitis and the first doctor in the history of New York University to determine the mechanism of the interaction between the immune system and the central nervous system.

He gained international fame because of his success in treating the most difficult case that American doctors faced, as he was able to diagnose a medical condition for a journalist working in the American New York Post called (Susanna Callahan) after doctors were unable to know the reasons for the sudden deterioration of her health.

She notes that her case was examined by a large group of doctors who could not diagnose her neurological condition (Hysterical crying and feeling of numbness on the left side of her body) which was deteriorating. This then progressed to hallucinations and a feeling of being surrounded by bedbugs.

Syrian Students in Cuba Express their Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Syrian students studying in Cuban universities renewed their support for their country and their solidarity with the Palestinian people in facing the continuous Israeli attacks against it.

During their participation in a solidarity event held at the Latin American School of Medicine "Ilam" in Havana on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, the students stressed that the Palestinian issue was and remains the central issue for Syria, pointing out that Syria's victory over terrorism is a victory for all free peoples in the world and primarily the Palestinian people .


On the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the Correctionist Movement, a new meeting between the staff of the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in Sweden and the Syrian expatriates was held on November 17, 2019 at 3:00 pm. The Syrian   embassy in Stockholm in coordination and cooperation with the Baath Party Organization in Sweden called during meeting to open a dialogue with the Syrian citizens in the city of Vestros. The meeting was attended by the Syrian Charge d'Affaires in Sweden, ambassador Hamza Al-Duwalibi, consul Dr. Tamim Malko and consul Mrs. Mariam Shakra and a number of expatriates. The first meeting of this kind was held in the municipality of Södertälje.

Syrian community in Hungary condemns the crimes of the American and Turkish occupation

 The Syrian community in Hungary today underlined their commitment to stand by their homeland in the war on terrorism and in facing conspiracies and challenges.

 In a statement on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the Correctionist Movement, members of the community said that “the events that Syria has gone through underline the importance of adhering to the correctionist movement's choice, working to develop and modernize the society, addressing gaps, overcoming difficulties and keeping on the process of correction and modernization in accordance with a clear methodology.

The statement stressed on adopting a scientific thought to get out of the crisis through the national dialogue among the people of Syria.