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Syrian students in Slovakia vow to excel in their academic achievement to participate in reconstructing their homeland

 Syrian students in Slovakia have reaffirmed that they will continue to back their homeland against all forms of terrorism and conspiracies. They have also vowed to excel in their academic achievement with the aim of participating in reconstructing what terrorism has destroyed in their country.

In a statement on Sunday marking the 58th Anniversary of March 8th Revolution, the students expressed their confidence in Syria’s victory over its enemies thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrians and the cohesion between the people, the army and the leadership.

The students hailed the achievements of the March 8 Revolution that serve the Syrian people’s aspirations to build a new Syria.

Condemnations for the US aggression on areas in Deir Ezzor continue

On February 27th, the Arab Socialist Baath Party in Yemen, and the Yemeni Social Nationalist Party condemned the American aggression on areas in Deir Ezzor near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

The two parties said in a joint statement: “We condemn and denounce the international silence regarding the unfair siege and repeated attacks on Syria.We call on all the free people of the world to condemn the aggression and siege imposed on our Syrian Arab people and stand against the Zionist and American hegemony.”

Khaddour: The decision to exempt students from certification fees is not limited and it includes all students

The Director of the Consular Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Dr. Hassan Khaddour affirmed  that the decision to exempt Syrian students studying abroad from certification  fees for all academic documents, whether issued inside Syria  or abroad , includes students delegated by the state (on a scholarship)and  those who are studying  at their own expenses. 

A Syrian expatriate wins an educational Oscar in Dubai

The Syrian expatriate,  journalist Muhammad Issam Maho won the Dubai International Award for Human Resources Development, the educational Oscar, for the most popular educational video, titled (I am the creation of my mother), with more than 15 million views.

In a statement to SANA, Maho said:  “What makes me happy with this award is the presence of the name of my country, Syria, among the six countries whose sons won the educational Oscar. I can not imagine seeing such a scientific demonstration without the name of the country of civilization and the first alphabet. I hope that my victory will give many young people hope to overcome the ordeal of our country and to strive to reach the highest scientific and global ranks.

Exempting students studying abroad from legalization fees for all academic documents

On February 3rd, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates issued a decision to exempt Syrian students studying abroad from paying fees for the various academic documents necessary for the student including graduation certificates.

The decision includes the documents which are  issued from Syria or from abroad.

O. al-Mohammad