Several MPs Brief Syrian Students in Serbia on Recent Developments in Country

The Syrian Members of Parliament, who took part in the 138th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union held on March 24-28 in Geneva, visited Serbia and met with the Syrian students there. The MPs briefed the students on victories being achieved by the Syrian army and allies against foreign-backed terrorist organizations in the country.

According to a press release sent by the People’s Assembly (PA) to the Syriatimes e-newspaper, the meeting held at the Syrian embassy in Serbia aimed at briefing the Syrian students, who are studying in Serbian universities, about the current developments in the country, including Syrian army’s victories in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus, and congratulating them on the Arab Student Day.

Syrian Expatriate Raises Syrian Flag at Summit of Pico Naiguata

CARACAS– Syrian expatriate Silvana Bitar reached the summit of Pico Naiguata, one of the highest mountain peaks in Venezuela, to tell the world that Syria will stay at the top and a beacon for the world, SANA reported

"My love for Syria has left no room for fear and retreat, so I was able to overcome all the challenges that I faced, including storms, fog, and the possibility of being lost in difficult terrain,” Silvana told SANA about her trip to scale Pico Naiguata, which has a summit elevation of 2,765 meters above sea level.

Expatriate Syrian Doctor Recognized as Ambassador for Peace by UPF

BUDAPES- The expatriate Syrian doctor, Mohamed Hashem Manieh, was awarded the title of Ambassador for Peace by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF).

During an honoring ceremony at UPF-branch in the Hungarian capital of Budapest, the UPF said that the award was given to Manieh in recognition of his continuous efforts to promote the culture of dialogue, respect for human rights and communication between different cultures and civilizations., according to SANA.