Syrian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority allows expatriates visiting Syria to reactivate their mobiles inside the country for a month

The Syrian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has allowed Syrian expatriates visiting their homeland to identify and reactivate their mobiles if they wish to use them via the Syrian mobile networks.

In a statement on Thursday, the authority said that each user should submit an application to reactivate one mobile for a period of 30 days for one time only. 

A copy of the form of the application can be seen on the official website of the Syrian Ministry of Communications and Technology or on the website of the Syrian Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

A protest stand in Seoul denouncing the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people

On May 23rd, a number of members of Arab communities and other nationalities residing in South Korea organized a protest in the capital, Seoul, to condemn the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people.

The South Korean Yonhap News Agency reported that the protest took place in the Itwan district of Seoul, during which the participants raised the banners “ Israel is a criminal. Israel is a terrorist who kills civilians, long live Palestine.”

Syrian community in Canada organizes two national events in support of presidential elections

Members and representatives of the Syrian community held two national events in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, in support of the presidential elections, stressing that this is considered a  complement to the victories of Syria in its battle against terrorism.

The participants gathered opposite the Syrian embassy in Ottawa, lifting the homeland's flags, and expressed their happiness at the victory and steadfastness of Syria in the face of terrorism and the global conspiracy that it was exposed to, which was demonstrated by its ability to organize presidential elections.

Syrian expatriates in Chile: Presidential elections reaffirm the Syrians' will to rebuild their country


The Syrian embassy in the Chilean Capital Santiago witnessed active participation in the Syrian presidential elections held on May 20th, 2021 within an atmosphere of enthusiasm and hope that these elections will be a major step forward towards the reconstruction of Syria.

Voters came from several areas in Santiago and other Chilean provinces to do their national duty in electing their president and deciding the future of their country.  

After voting, a number of Syrian expatriates said that taking part in the elections is a duty and it indicates Syria's institutional strength and reflects the Syrians will to rebuild the country.

The voters affirmed that the elections reaffirm Syria's independent decision and its confrontation of the political and economic pressure practiced on it by some western countries.

With the closing of the polls in South America, the presidential elections end in all the Syrian embassies abroad

Capitals (ST): With the closure of the ballot boxes in the Syrian embassies in the countries of South America, the Syrians living abroad have ended their vote in the presidential elections in the Syrian embassies, diplomatic missions and consulates in various countries of the world, and the vote counting processes have begun.

Voting for Syrians abroad began at seven o'clock on the morning of May 20 according to local time in Australia and ended after the election period was extended for five hours at twelve o'clock at night local time in South American countries.