Our students in Egypt: Syria will prevail thanks to the sacrifices of its loyal people and brave army

Cairo, (ST) - The National Union of Syrian Students, Egypt Branch, affirmed that on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Evacuation Day, Syria, which liberated its land from invaders, continues to confront the terrorist war and the unjust siege imposed on it, adhering to its national stances and its anti-colonial approach to all colonial schemes.

In a statement on the evacuation anniversary, the branch indicated that this precious memory brings back to our memory the great sacrifices that Syria made in that era, as the Syrians sacrificed their children as martyrs and refused to surrender to the French occupier, teaching the whole world the most wonderful images of Valor and dignity.

On the 75th anniversary of Syria's Evacuation Day the Syrian communities in Hungary and Cuba renew their support for their country

The "For the Sake of Syria" forum in Hungary affirmed that the Syrian people managed through their national unity to achieve the great evacuation of the French colonialist forces, stressing that with this unity, the Syrian people can today confront all the conspiracies that target Syria and its sovereignty and independence.

President of the forum, Dr. Tariq Mayaleh, said in a statement on the seventy-fifth anniversary of the evacuation of the French colonialist from Syria that "since the achievement of independence in 1946, our Syrian people have been struggling to consolidate national independence and protect the freedom of the homeland and its independent decision. They are still waging many battles against colonial conspiracies aimed at making Syria the target of the imperialist alliances and Zionist schemes. Our people also supported just Arab causes, especially the Palestinian cause, because of which Syria was exposed to blatant attacks by the Zionist entity, which is supported by the United States."

The Syrian Community in Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States urges lifting EU sanctions on Syria

Members of the Syrian community in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States have called for an immediate lifting of the coercive economic measures imposed by the European Union on the Syrian people.

In a letter addressing Head of the European Union's Parliament, members of the Syrian community stressed that these unfair sanctions exacerbate the economic, social, humanitarian and health suffering of the Syrian people particularly in the light of the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

The EU and the US economic sections, mainly the US "Caesar Act", have massively affected the Syrians' livelihood and their ability to have access to the basic requirements of life, the letter said.

Arab communities in Brazil send message to the Papal Embassy over coercive measures imposed on Syrians

BRASILIA, (ST)_Arab communities, mainly the Syrian and Lebanese ones , in Brazil have called for lifting the unjust coercive economic measures being imposed by European countries on the people of Syria. 
The communities sent a message to the EU mission and the Papal Embassy in Brasilia in which Muslim and Christian clergymen, who represent the Arab community in Brazil, asserted that the coercive economic measures being imposed on Syrian people contradict all canons that call for the welfare of Man. 

Slovak Communist Party, NUSS’s branch in Slovakia urge the West to stop practicing economic terrorism against the Syrian people

The Slovak Communist Party and the branch of the National Union of Syrian Students (NUSS) in Slovakia called on the western countries to stop practicing economic terrorism against the Syrian people through imposing unfair coercive economic measures on them.