Bazaars are a meeting place for creativity and economic promotion

Owners of small and micro-sized projects are keen to participate in exhibitions and bazaars, which are held periodically, to display their handicrafts or their various products of food, textile and cosmetics. They consider this participation as an opportunity to introduce their works to people and market them.

 “Maysa Dahman”, a craftswoman, said during her participation in the “Syrian Colors” bazaar, which is currently held at the Sheraton Hotel in Damascus, that she is a permanent participant in the bazaar, which is held monthly. She added that she also participates in other exhibitions with the aim of introducing and marketing the perfumes she produces within her small workshop.

A new social series on a family living under the effects of war on Syria

The new Syrian social series “Hawaziq Vase of Ghorba” is a new drama that is currently being filmed in the city of Damascus with the participation of an elite group of actors in Syria. The new TV series was written by Ziad Sari and directed by Rashad Kokash.

The events of the series, produced by Apamea Art Production, deal with the story of a family forced by terrorist war on Syria and economic conditions to rent a hotel called "Ghorba Vase".

A team from the Syrian Special Olympics Foundation bears the work of the Ministry of Education for 4 hours

Damascus (ST):  News reporter stated that for the first time in Syria, a team from the Syrian Special Olympics Foundation carried out the work of  the Ministry of Education for four hours, at the Ministry's building.


Maryam Slaymeh..a little poet with a big dream

The young Syrian girl, Maryam Slaymeh, dazzled her family and school surroundings with her talent for writing thoughts and composition.

Her family seeks, through attention, follow-up, and encouragement to reading to develop her talent in writing poetry, especially her mother, who noticed her talent two years ago and worked to encourage her by acquiring collections of stories and poetry that fit her perceptions and the result was a lovely  poem.

Children from Syria and Russia celebrate Christmas and New Year

Yesterday, the voices and creativity of Syrian and Russian children combined in the event hosted by the Arab Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh on the occasion of Christmas and New Year's Day on the eastern calendar.

The event, which was held in cooperation with the Russian Cultural Center, included honoring talented children who frequent the Abu Rummaneh cultural center every Saturday to develop their talents, in addition to showing pieces of art, plays from the Russian folklore, and songs and dances about Christmas.

200 families of Army martyrs honored in Damascus

In appreciation of the sacrifices of the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army in defense of the Homeland, 200 families of the Army martyrs were honored  on Saturday during a ceremony held for this purpose in Damascus.

The honoring ceremony was organized by Damascus Governorate in coordination with the Directorate for the Martyrs, the Wounded and the Missing Affairs at the Ministry of Defense.

National songs glorifying martyrs and  martyrdom were presented by talented youths representing the project "Bukra Elna" ( Tomorrow Belongs to Us).

In statements to SANA, several families expressed their pride in the sacrifices of their sons, stressing that these sacrifices have paved the way for victory over the enemies of the homeland and of humanity.

A dance concert in Aleppo celebrating Christmas and New year

The “Magical Santa Claus Factory” is the title of the artistic show held by the Sona Lyrical Theater for Children in Dar Al Tarbiya Theater in the city of Aleppo. It included educational and Christmas songs and dances.