Lattakia Education is preparing for a training course for tutoring courses

In implementation of the Ministry of Education's plan to support the quality of the educational process, Lattakia Education Directorate is conducting a training course targeting / 120 / trainees in two phases: the first starts on 16/01/2021 until 21/01/2021, and the second for a period of three weeks, starts from 1/29/2021, with the aim of enabling teachers and teaching assistants to apply effective learning strategies, and to intensify content and distance learning, in preparation for conducting strengthening courses for students of the basic and secondary education certificates.

In this regard, a meeting was held in the presence of the Assistant Director of Education for Secondary Education, Yasser Hanouneh, and the Assistant Director of Education for Basic Education Rasha Abdullah Ahmad . During this meeting the final touches were put on the preparations for the success of that training course. Training centers and schools were identified, and the trainees were nominated and informed.

The meeting was attended by the coordinators of the specialist orientation for the subjects: Mathematics _ Science _ Arabic Language _ Physics and Chemistry _ English Language _ French Language.

Lama razzouq