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After 23 surgeries ... a war-wounded man continues the march of life with will and patience

A war-wounded man challenged pain and injury to defeat with his courage and patience the shell that fell on him and his comrades in one of the battles against terrorist groups. One of his limbs was threatened with amputation due to fragmented fractures of the lower part of the leg.  Two toes  were amputated.There was also the possibility of the entry of a germ into the bone, which unfortunately happened.

A story of defiance and will of a new kind stood behind the recovery of the war wounded, Muhammad Aziz Rajoub, who underwent 23 surgeries and returned again to continue his career in life.


In an interview with SANA correspondent Rajoub says: At the beginning, my wounds were severe and deep. A germ was discovered in the bone, and a cure was necessary. I was transferred to the Military Hospital in Lattakia to begin  treatment. I underwent    23 surgeries. After undergoing the surgeries, the germ was active again and I began to suffer for several months, as doctors decided to resort to amputation of the leg to get rid of the germ, but I hesitated to amputate.

Rajoub continues, after facing death in many forms in battles, a germ would not defeat me. My confidence in God was great and my will was strong that I will walk again. Despite the difficult situation, I went to search for solutions until I found a doctor who  specialized in such cases. He prescribed chemical and natural treatment at the same time. I began, thank God, to respond to the treatment gradually, after which I underwent a tube injection process for twenty days to access the medicine to the bone. The treatment continued until I recovered completely and went back to walk on my feet after spending years walking on  crutches. But I lost 3 cm of leg length, which made me resort to orthopedic shoes to walk properly.

After returning to my normal life, I could not return to the work that I was doing, which is arranging flowers and wedding halls because my injury would prevent me. So I looked for a job that I could do. I found appropriate work; I worked in a packaging workshop in which only the war wounded and the families of the martyrs work. I worked in it for several months, then  I worked in a restaurant as an accountant. At the end I partnered  a person with a store that sells vegetables and fruits, and I found it the most suitable profession for my health condition.I am still doing the same work now..

He stressed that he feels proud that his sacrifices with his comrades played a pivotal role in undermining the enemy's plots, which targeted Syria’s people, land and national positions. Rajoub called for mercy on the souls of the martyrs of the Syrian Arab Army and every honorable Syrian citizen who support the army to achieve victory over terrorism and its supporters from the conspiring countries.

Rajoub concluded by thanking the associations and the people who stood by him on the journey of treatment for the material and moral support they provided, in addition to the “Honor Wounded” page, through which he obtained many medicines and treatment supplies from volunteers from inside and outside the country.


Inas Abdulakreem