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“A Syrian Legend” records Syrian people’s steadfastness in confrontation of the global terrorist war

Sweida (ST): "A Syrian Legend"  is a documentary by writer and traveler Adnan Azzam, which was re-screened in the Culture Palace in the city of Sweida, in cooperation with the Arab Writers Union and the Culture Directorate. It  highlights the epic story that Syrians fought in confrontation of the unfair war on their homeland.

The fifty minute film sheds light  on the  terrorist war that was launched against our country and its human, social, economic and political effects. It also  presents pictures of the systematic targeting against the Syrian people with all its components, targeting state institutions and infrastructure, plundering wealth, the steadfastness of Syria and the national cohesion of its people, army and leadership in the face of the aggressive ferocious war.

The film's producer and director, Azzam, explained that the film was prepared after the victories of our valiant army against terrorist organizations and was shown in many French cities as part of the intellectual, cultural and media movement towards the West to change the image created by false and misleading media in the minds of its people. 

President of the Arab Writers Union, Dr. Mohammad Al-Hourani, who attended the screening of the film, noted the importance of this work, which focuses on very important aspects, especially the cultural war launched against our civilization and existence. 

Head of the Arab Writers Union Sweida  branch  Dr. Fayez Ezzeddine, stressed that the film documents the collaboration of Western and Arab regimes against Syria in an aggressive terrorist war that has no equal in history and it documents the steadfastness of the people, the army, the state and its leadership.

It is noteworthy that traveler Azzam, was born in Sweida, traveled across the world on horseback within 1,300 days. He holds a law degree from Damascus University, a Master's degree in journalism from the Higher School of Journalism in Paris and he is a member of the Arab Writers Union.