Micro-projects in Deir Ali, in the countryside of Damascus, with the support of the Syrian Trust for Development to improving living conditions

Families living in the village of Deir Ali, 20kms south of Damascus, with the support of the Syrian Trust for Development launched micro-projects to improve their living conditions. 

The micro-projects include making local bread and pies, manufacturing detergents and shampoo at home and marketing them at affordable prices. 

Samra Khalaf Hussein, an expatriate from the governorate of Hasakah stated that the participation in work contributed to changing the conditions of many women in the village and was the way to improve the standard of living of their families. 

She added that her project to produce bread also helped provide the bread in the village.

While practicing her beloved profession, which is producing and marketing 

Reem Shalash (Um Rashid) said that she produced pastries, sweets, and bread and within a short period of time helped her improve her living situation. 

Jumana Saqr coordinates between Syria Trust and local women to launch projects that help them with their livelihood, including bread making. 

Saqr said that Syria Trust provided the raw materials and that the women started production after securing a place for the project. 

Sawsan Othman Al Ali, displaced from Khirbet Al-Shayab village, was able to learn to make detergents and shampoos. 

The Syrian Trust for Development’s grants paved the way for those projects. 

Mohiuddin Ali Naji said that his project started with 50 quails and today he has 4000 quails. He markets 3500 eggs and a hundred kilograms of quail meat. 

Sheikha Hammoud Obaeed  got a grant from the Syrian Trust for Development that enabled her to buy four sheep and now she has six sheep. 

Manar Abu Al-Muna , who has cancer, said that she got a grant and she opened a small grocery store to sell food products that helped her improve her condition and secure her treatment expenses without the need to depend on others.  

Minas Saqr, a supervisor at the Syria Trust for Development’s Community Lighthouse of the municipality in the village of Deir Ali, said that the villagers’ people have a strong will to turn their dreams into reality, but they lack the necessary resources. 

Saqr confirmed that the Syria Trust for Development works to provide financing opportunities for micro-projects and loans for small and medium enterprises in all sectors to give individuals an opportunity to improve their living conditions. 


Inas Abdulkmareem