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New Syrian Series Reflects Syrian Reality in Times of War

The series of “ Dyouf  Ala  Al-Hob”  ( Guests of Love)   by scriptwriter Samer Ismael embodies  the repercussions of the nine-year  war on Syria through a dramatic script which  reflects the difficulties  that affect the young generation’s   ambitions  in addition to several love stories, each of which has its own peculiarity and destiny.  

The series , which is being currently filmed, is directed by  Fahd Miri and  produced by the General Organization for Television and Radio Production with the participation of a number  of Syrian drama stars.

The scriptwriter writer Ismael said in a statement to SANA “Guests of Love”  is  an attempt to accomplish pure Syrian drama that brings us back to the distinctive Syrian television novel in the midst of the proliferation of series that focus on gangs and those that display luxurious decorations and fashions and what is so-called Pan-Arab drama.

He stressed  that his obsession is in  presenting a text that reflects the Syrian reality  with a focus on figures closer to the reality of Syrians in times of war, especially those  who represent the younger generation and  obstacles  that hinder  youth from achieving their dreams. 

Famous actors including  Fayez Kazak, Zuhair Ramadan, Gerges Jabara, Shukran Murtaja, Fadi Sbeih, Waddah Halloum, Jenny Esber, Rana Karam and others feature in this series . 


Rawaa Ghanam