Damascus Citadel hosts a children art exhibition

Damascus (ST):  Damascus Citadel is currently  hosting 200 artworks by a number of children from the Baath Vanguards Organization and a show of folk costumes.

In the exhibition organized by the Ba'ath Vanguards Organization under the title “Greetings of Love and Loyalty to the Heroes of the Syrian Arab Army and the Souls of the  Martyrs,” the children presented artistic works that varied between paintings, embroidery, crochet and weaving works that were carried out during training workshops in which the children of the Organization participated.


In a press statement, a member of the central leadership of the Baath Arab Socialist Party, head of the Education and Vanguards Office, Yasser al-Shoufi considered that what the children of the Organization presented in their exhibition is a message that the will of creativity and giving continues in the souls of  Syrians despite all the difficulties imposed by the terrorist war on their country and they are determined to continue their lives and build their homeland  to which the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army offered their  blood and lives.

In a similar statement, the head of the Baath Vanguards Organization, Dr. Izzat Arabi Katebi, indicated that the children expressed spontaneously and simply through their works their love for the homeland and their appreciation for the army's sacrifices and their hope for a bright future, indicating that the exhibition represented a real opportunity to employ their energies and creativity.

A number of students of the Applied Arts Institute participated with sculpture works in a pavilion in the exhibition, which will continue at the Citadel of Damascus until Thursday, the 11th of February.