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A young Syrian Man Challenges Terrorism through Music

Music has the ability and the drive to confront terrorism, as it is the most powerful tool capable of consolidating the values of love and peace in society and it can expose terrorism, and reveal its ugly face.

The artist can paint the true face of terrorism through music, which is the language of peace and love, as music contributes directly to confronting terrorism by being an invitation to love and intimacy.

Music is a gift from God, and it has a great role in transforming negative states into positive ones.


After his displacement from his city of Al- Raqqa by terrorist organizations , the 23-year-old young Haroutyon Madarjian, who couldn’t continue his studies at the faculty of Commerce  and Economic,  managed to open a music institute in the city of Qamishli to be his weapon in the face of terrorism  with the hope that the sound of music would be louder and stronger than the sound of destruction which targeted  Syrian soil.

“there are no words that can describe  the brutal and  savage crimes carried out by terrorists  in Al-Raqqa which  I witnessed.  The only solution to survival is the displacement that took a month  hiding in the village of Al-Rafa'a in the countryside of  Al-Raqqa,  then I was able to reach Qamishli with the help of friends and members of the tribes after nine months of living in the middle of a city called death”  Haroutyon told SANA.

He indicated  that what is remarkable in the city of Qamishli is the love that gathers its people and the cultural diversity  which brings tranquility to the heart, stressing  this was the motivation to complete the march of music and playing and try to spread it by teaching it to the people of the city and opening an institute for this purpose.

The young man  continues his life in the city of Qamishli with nostalgia for the city of  Al-Raqqa, which was the capital of culture, literature and science and was turned by terrorism into the city of death and destruction.  

According to Amnesty International and other international organizations, the so-called International Coalition also participated in the killing and displacement of thousands of people from the city of  Al-Raqqa, the destruction of entire villages and the forcible displacement of their people under the pretext of fighting the terrorist organization ISIS, in addition to the crimes committed by the  SDF  militia supported by the American occupation through the forcible displacement of the people and committing massacres against them.

Haroutyon  created a network of friends who  support him to achieve   his success story to be unique  in  playing violin  in addition to other  percussion instruments. 

Sandy Mussa one of his students at his music institution said   she  learned to play the guitar by Haroutyon , underlining  that this young man is a success story after suffering  long  from terror and fear  as  many Syrians -yet who   proved  that they are the sons  of life and that they are able to rise again despite all oppression.


Rawaa Ghanam