100 young men and women compete in the “Reading Marathon 2021”

Under the title “A Step Toward the Future “, the Revolutionary Youth Union, in cooperation with the Ministries of Education and Culture, launched the final stage of the national central competition of  free reading “Reading Marathon 2021” at Al-Assad National Library in Damascus .

Taking part in the final stage of the  “ Reading Marathon 2021” , which will continue until the sixteenth of this September,were 100 young men and women from different governorates from the basic and secondary education stages, in addition to the university students  with the aim of  encouraging  young people to read and increase their  knowledge  and creativity.


The Head of the  Preparation and Skills Development  office at  the Revolution  Youth Union “Rahaf Al-Jassem” indicated that, as a result of the final competitions, 9 young participants  will be selected, indicating   1,500 young men and women participated, of whom 100 reached the final stage.

The selection of the top nine in the competition, according to Al-Jassem, depends on the number of books they have read, the diversity of their topics, the ways they discuss their content and their style of expression.

The young woman, Tala Al-Sarfi, pointed out that she has so far read more than 150 books that varied between foreign, scientific and literary novels that increased her  knowledge, indicating that the competition helped her  to meet  people who shared her interests and refined their talents.

Ahmed Nazim, a student at the College of  Medicine, indicated that it was his second participation in the competition, pointing out that he used to read books, but he did not have the ability to discuss and benefit from the book's content  before the competition.

In turn, the young woman, Shahd Manna, who has read 200 books, expressed her hope of winning, which would motivate her to read more books.


Rawaa Ghanam