Developing school and university sports through partnership and networking

Under the slogan “Physical education is essential in building society to prepare a physically, morally and intellectually strong generation,” the first conference for the development of school sports was held.. In this context, the Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at Tishreen University, Prof. Dr. Bilal Mahmoud stressed the importance of the conference and the college’s orientations, with its high academic expertise, whose science and experience were inspired by various countries of the world and its endeavors to develop and modernize its curricula and rehabilitate its student cadres in line with the recommendations and objectives of the Conference for the Development of School and University Sports, especially that the graduates of the College of Physical Education will become part of Equation of their entry into the labor market within schools.

Dr.  Mahmoud  stressed the need to activate the neglected role of the university club as an urgent necessity to attract students of the Faculty of Physical Education, enhance their skills and raise their level and practical experience through practicing their sports within the club.

Dr. Mahmoud stressed the priority of working within the framework of the institutional approach and thought based on networking and partnership, which opens up broad horizons between the parties in the desired development space and to leave the conference with a unified working paper that will be the cornerstone for building a real and honorable Syrian sport.

The Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education at Tishreen University concluded with the reference, through which he was confirming what  the President of Tishreen University, Dr. BassamHasan stressed the need for networking and cooperation with the other to open new horizons of development and embody the spirit of teamwork, pointing out that the Conference for the Development of School and University Sports is a model for that approach, which leads to a pioneering experience in partnership between a number of organizations and ministries, which is a positive precedent in Syria.


Lama Razzouk