A young Syrian artist participates in an international film

Young artist Lynn Barazi has finished filming her scenes in an international movie in Sweden, after her participation in a Syrian movie with Actor Ayman Zidan.

In a statement to SANA, Barazi indicated that her participation in the film came after her success in passing the stage casting test where only 19 students out of 171 ones were accepted.

She indicated that as a result of the success in the audition, she had a role in this international film, which was filmed between five European countries and carries the stamp of collective championship.

She asserted that the audition experience was rich and sufficient to boost confidence in her talent to continue in the field of acting.

"In addition to my role in the international film, there were other important results that I gained on the professional, technical and humanitarian levels, which are how to deal with the character, draw its features, and ways to stand in front of the camera and adopt a sincere sense of action and word," Barazi added.


It is noteworthy that the young actress Lynn Barazi entered into acting through the gate of fashion shows and beauty contests,  registering a remarkable presence in a short period.


Inas Abdulkareem