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After 23 surgeries ... a war-wounded man continues the march of life with will and patience

A war-wounded man challenged pain and injury to defeat with his courage and patience the shell that fell on him and his comrades in one of the battles against terrorist groups. One of his limbs was threatened with amputation due to fragmented fractures of the lower part of the leg.  Two toes  were amputated.There was also the possibility of the entry of a germ into the bone, which unfortunately happened.

A story of defiance and will of a new kind stood behind the recovery of the war wounded, Muhammad Aziz Rajoub, who underwent 23 surgeries and returned again to continue his career in life.

25.000 winter coats distributed among school students in Sweida within "All of Us are One Family" campaign

With the aim of enhancing national belongingness among the people of Syria, the occupied Syrian Golan's people go ahead with their "All of Us are One Family" campaign in Sweida province.

The campaign was launched 3 years ago by the Golan people to distribute winter coats among school students in Sweida province after the terrorist attacks that targeted the region.

Dancer Carmel Al-Suleiman wins the gold medal in the international "Ballet Beyond the Borders" competition in Los Angeles

Damascus(ST): Triumphing over 70 participants from different countries, the 20-year-old dancer Carmel Al-Suleiman won the gold medal in the international "Ballet Beyond the Borders" competition that was held in Los Angeles last month. 

About the competition and how he participated in it, Carmel explained that it was held virtually due to the Coronavirus  pandemic, through video clips sent by the participants, pointing out that he heard about it from a friend who is a graduate of the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts residing outside Syria.

Two strong-willed wounded soldiers defy their injuries and launch their own project

Despair and surrender can never penetrate brave hearts and strong willed persons. The wounded personnel of the Syrian Arab Army are best examples of strong determination and defiance despite all the difficulties they face in life.

Hakem Nabhan and Mohammad Al-Salman are two wounded soldiers who were discharged from military service because of their injuries during battles with terrorists but strongly insisted to continue to be active in society. 

The two heroes agreed on implementing a small project and managed to open a workshop for sewing clothes in one of the neighborhoods liberated from terrorism in Aleppo. 

The project, which was made possible thanks to the support provided to them by the “Jareeh Watan” (the homeland wounded) program, has provided job opportunities to a number of other discharged wounded soldiers as well as to some civilians, Nabhan said in a recent statement to SANA.

"Jareeh Studio”… A group of the nation’s wounded plays the hopeful melody of life

Homs, (ST)- After losing dear parts  of their bodied in the battles of honor they waged against the enemies of life, they did not lose their love of life, rather they insisted in playing the melody of life with the rest of their bodies .

The studio is a modest room with simple components located in the Zahra neighborhood of Homs, where the “Jareeh Studio” band members, under the supervision of its young founder Tha'er Balloul, meet to train on various musical instruments. They play musical pieces to be broadcast through the band’s website. Their performance gets hundreds of thousands of followers and interaction inside and outside Syria. Thus, with its music, the band embodies the image of the resistant Syrian, the son of this good land.

Najla Burghul enters university at over 70

Najla Burghul a Syrian dreamer who did not let neither age, nor war circumstances prevent her from realizing her dream of learning and entering university. She was able to defy all obstacles and moved from literacy seats to university auditorium.

At the beginning, she wanted to study at the childcare faculty, but she could not, so she studied at the library department, which is the second choice that she loved and wished to study, and she is today on the verge of graduation.

Ms. Burghul said  that she was living with her family in Al- Qaboun neighborhood in Damascus;when gunmen forced her to leave her home after she lost two sons in the war. Subsequently, they went to Tishreen Park in the center of Damascus and slept there for four days, before they fled to Lattakia governorate and rented a house in the suburb of Besnada in Lattakia.

Syrian maritime engineer excels in designing ships

"Work is the best way to enjoy life. Making ornamental model ships is my  favourite  hobby which embodies  my love for the sea and the beautiful memories I lived through  when working  in the sea”  maritime Eng.  Rashid Dalati from Lattakia said.    

He added that he is fond of  his work and his hobby of  making models of ships and  steamboats with high technical accuracy, taking into consideration  the simplest details.   

"I started my work in the sea in 1975 and  obtained  a certificate of experience in maritime engineering. I developed it by continuing  my studies at the universities of Batumi, Georgia and Odessa, Ukraine, where I obtained a degree  of chief engineer," Dalati  told SANA.  

Eng.  Dalati, who started his hobby in ornamental ships industry  in 1970 when he was 15 years old, indicated  that he saw a person from Arwad Island making ships ,  watched him and tried to imitate him by making small ships, and that was the first model he made and then he developed himself through working in the sea .   

He was drawing and designing ships and applying their details by making an anthropomorphic   which embodies  the true details of the steamships. 

Regarding the stages of work, Dalati made it clear  that they are being  done  by using simple tools including  a saw, a hammer, bobbin , adhesives, screws,  loose anchors strings , small rods, and hand-carved wood.   

Dalati  added , due to his bad health conditions, he retired from working in  the sea in 2016 and devoted himself to making ornamental ships.He has made 11 ships so far.  He is currently making a model of a Portuguese ship at the request of a customer .  Through his page on  Facebook he receives several orders  to design ships  from abroad. He  sold many of his works in America, Spain, Greece, Romania and other places .