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Al-Farah Choir brings joy to inmates at Damascus Central Prison

DAMASCUS, (ST)- In a unique initiative, the Al-Farah Choir held a concert at the Damascus Central Prison to bring happiness and enhance hope among inmates. The concert included presenting several songs some of which were performed and composed by the prisoners themselves.

The concert was held in cooperation with the Cultural Center of the prison and in partnership with al-Amal music band which consists of a number of inmates.

Father Ilias Zahlawi, the founder of al-Farah Choir, said addressing the inmates "we wanted to bring you some happiness, because we sing for the life and the freedom we hope for you when you return to your families and warmly immerse them." 

He called on authorities at the prison to do their best to boost the hope for better life inside the inmates.

In a statement to journalists, Father Zahlawi said that this artistic activities aims at communicating  with the inmates of Damascus prison and help them return to their normal life, stressing that "what we want today is to sow the seeds of amity in the hearts of each other so that this amity will rebuild better Syria that would be an example to follow by other Arab countries which tried to destroy it."

French delegation’s members to tell their friends: “Syria is full of life… Do not believe what western media outlets report about it”

Since they have been involved in the more than 8-year terror war on Syria, the French media outlets do their utmost to prevent the French people from discovering that the reality of events in Syria is not as they have portrayed.

One of these ways is based on their "care "about the lives of the French people.There is a warning that is still being published about the risk of travelling to Syria.

Olive tree symbol of peace, life and fertility

Many legends have been associated with olive trees over ages as it was linked to peace, life, victory and fertility.  Olives are the most ancient agricultural product in Syria, the native homeland of the olive tree. The number of olive trees in Syria has amounted to more than 90 million.

Olive trees spread almost everywhere in Syria. But they are mainly located in the northern and western regions (Aleppo, Idleb, Lattakia and Tartous and Western Mountains of Homs). They are also widely spread in the southern region (Dara’a, Sweida and Quneitra). In fact, the blessed tree can be seen everywhere in Syria.

Musician from Berlin remembers how Turkish aggressor displaced her grandparents from Syria in 1915

The Turkish regime army’s ongoing attack on the northeast of Syria reminded my friend Hanin Elias, a musician from Berlin, how her surviving family escaped from Mardin to Ras Al-Ayn area in 1915.

She posted today on her Facebook account 2 photos showing the similarity between the displacement of people from the northeast of Syria in 1915 and 2019 by the same aggressor.

Teapot …. Causing a fire

It is the olive season in which the villagers go every day to reap olives from their lands. This village has a Mountain section rich in olives and other section which is plain where citrus fruit is abundant.

In Banjaro every olive season fires occur as a result of negligence. But this time a fire broke out because of a poor Bedouin woman was working in the olive land to earn a living , and unintentionally when she was heating a teapot she forgot the fire which causing The fire of the village devoured hundreds of dunams of olive trees and spread dramatically!!

The firefighting team of Jableh and its countryside, and the participation of a large number of residents, put it out. Even The party division secretary had attended there.

Children's Literature and Translation

Al-Assad Library recently hosted a symposium titled "Children's Literature and Translation" with the participation of a number of prominent Syrian writers and translators.

Organized by the Syrian General Book Commission, in cooperation with the Arab Writers Union and Damascus University, the symposium focused on various aspects of children's writing and translation.

Head of the Arab Writers' Union Malek Saqqour made an intervention about Russian writer Tolstoy Children's stories such as "The Elephant,  "Two Friends" and "Turtles and the Eagle", pointing out that these stories were simple in form but with important moral lessons and educational message.

Souk al-Itfayeh: Damascus’ Largest Second-Hand Clothes Market

Souk al-Itfayeh is the main used clothes market in Damascus city. The Souk is located in Khalid Bin Alwaleed Street, in Qanawat district in the Damascus downtown.