Head of the Iraqi Basketball Federation: Our participation in Damascus aims at reactivating the International Tournaments in Syria

Head of the Iraqi Basketball Federation Dr. Huseen al-Omeedi said that the participation of the Iraqi team beside the Syrian and Lebanese teams in West Asian Basketball Championship for junior women in Damascus is very important to reactivate the International tournaments in Syria.

 We know that Syrian Basketball has achieved many Arab and Asian championships, so we are happy to play in Syrian Basketball halls, and we are ready to participate in all Championships that will be held in Syria, Al-Omeedi added.

This tournament is held for the first time for women junior U-16, and it is a step toward developing the Female basketball in West Asia, Al-Omeedi concluded.

Damascus tournament referees were chosen after many tests, Secretary General of the West Asian Federation Fouad Saleeba said.

The tournament is very important for the Iraqi team, because it increase players' performance, Iraqi team coach Rezcar Mohammad Raouf said.

The Syrian team will play with the Iraqis today at 6.00 pm and with the Lebanese team on Tuesday in Damascus at Al-Faiha' basketball court.