The Syrian Association of Purebred Arabian Horses honors the Knights of the International Sham Festival for the Arabian Horse

Damascus ,(ST)- The Syrian Association of Purebred Arabian Horses held an honoring party today for the Knights of the International Festival of the Arabian Horse, whose first session was launched last April, in the presence of a large number of equestrian lovers.

During the ceremony, a number of media professionals were honored, including representatives of the local media, including the Syrian Arab News Agency, SANA.

Honorary President Basil Jadaan asserted in a speech during the ceremony the importance of the festival, which was station to expand the circle of interest in the pure Arab horse, pointing to the great participation that he enjoyed among the many other activities especially the great march of the Syrian Knights who roamed the streets and neighborhoods of Damascus with the participation of a number of knights from several countries.

Al-Jadaan mentioned the trip made by the writer and traveler Adnan Azzam from Syria to Moscow on the horseback of the Arab horse within the activities of the festival, which approached its end during the coming period as he had started his journey from the Umayyad Square in Damascus last April to pass through several countries carrying the message of love and peace from Syria.

The festival was held on the ground of the old exhibition in Damascus, and included various activities, a race and performances for purebred Arabian horses, in addition to an international auction of purebred Arabian horses, shows for equestrian arts, and artistic and heritage activities.


Haifaa Mafalani