Syrian Ghazal qualifies in Tokyo Olympics 2020

Syrian Athlete Majd Al-Deen Ghazal qualified in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 after he ranked in the sixth place with 1312 points in the international ranking.

It is to be mentioned that Ghazal won the gold medal in the Asian Championship, Slovakia and London while he won the silver medal in the Diamond league of Rome and World Military Championship in China.


Syria qualifies for Tokyo Olympics 2020

Syrian Equestrian Hamshou topped the ranking of the seventh group which includes Arabs countries and South Africa.

Hamshou and his German horse Kwintes achieved 871 points and qualified for the Tokyo Olympics 2020.

It is to be mentioned that Hamsho (27 years old) participated in 20 (6 in Damascus) international, European and Arab tournaments.


General Hatem Al-Ghayeb is President of the Football Association

General Hatem Al-Ghayeb was elected as President of the Football Association.

Al-Ghayeb got 52 votes while Anas Al-Subaee’ got 45 votes and Farouk Serieh got 17 votes.

It is to be mentioned that Al-Ghayeb is one of the Syrian Football Stars. He participated in the World Football Cup for youth in Portugal 1991 and the Asian Football Cup for men in UAE 1996.


Syrian Women U-16 Basketball team beats Indian Dream Hope basketball team

Syrian Women U-16 Basketball team beat Indian Dream Hope Basketball team (77-18) in the opening of Sharjah Tournament.

The Syrian team players names were: Yana Afif, Maria Badr, Berowin Khalil, Dala’ Hammoud, Lara Jokhi Ja, Lein Barnay, Sara Ilias, Symil Al-Ahmar, Khalia Kylani, Bervin Hajou and Ilisa Al-Dabba.

It is to be mentioned that the Syrian Women U-16 team harvested the title of West Asian Championship.


Good results for Syrian Equestrians

The seventh stage of the Salam International Equestrian jumping barriers Championship that was held on Basil Al-Assad Club in Dimas, Damascus countryside, has concluded.

This stage contained five matches (2 matches for middle level cat, 2 matches for high level cat, one match for fair level cat.

In the first match, Jordanian Equestrian Ibrahim Bsharat came first (high level 145 cm- two half- best time), Ahmad Hamshou came second and Hani Bsharat came third.

In the second match, Liath Al-Ali topped first (middle level 130 cm- two half), Sham Al-Assad topped second and Hani Badran topped third.

In the third match, Equestrian Ahmad Hamshou (high level – two half) made it to first place, Sham Al-Assad to second and Humam Al-Khouli to third.

In the fourth match, Equestrian Sham Al-Assad (middle level – two half) topped first, Laith Al-Ali topped second and Omar Hamshou topped third.