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Hamshou wins the Grand Prix of the fourth stage of International Peace Championship

 Syrian Equestrian Ahmad Hamshou won the Grand Prix of the fourth stage of the International Peace Championship which was held in Basel Al-Assad Club, Damascus countryside.

Syrian Hamshou ranked first as he finished the race of (two halfs-145 cm) in (41.51 sec), while the Jordanian Ibrahim Bsharat ranked second (41.71 sec), Mohammad Joubrani ranked third (43.06 sec) and the Italian Loca Kwata ranked fourth (43.47 sec).

It is to be mentioned that Omar Hamshou won the third stage of the Grand Prix last week, while Ahmad Hamshou won the second stage and Sham Al-Assad won the first stage.


Hmeshe is the best player in Asian and World Cup Qualifiers

Asian Football Confederation announced that Syrian football player Kamel Hmeshe won (the best player prize) of the sixth round of Asian and World Cup Double Qualifiers.   

AFC said on its Website: The Syrian Football player Kamel Hmeshe is talented and has a high standard in football.

Tishreen team player (21 years old) Hmeshe participated as a main player with his team against China and Philippines, AFC added.

Hmeshe showed high level control as both center and defense player, when he participated with the Syrian U16 football team in the 2014 Asia Qualifiers and with the Syrian Olympic U-23 football team in the 2020 Asia Qualifiers, AFC concluded.


Syria beats Philippines (1-0)

Syria’s national football team beats Philippines 1-0 in the second stage of both World Cup 2022 and Asian Cup 2023.

With this win, Syria topped Group  with 15  points.




Syria’s national football team are looking for more three points with Philippines

Syria’s national football players are preparing for their first match of the second stage of both World Cup 2022 and Asian Cup 2023 Qualifiers with Philippines in UAE .

Syrian football coach Fajr Ibrahim said that our players are ready to meet Philippians.

Good luck to our team tomorrow.  


Syria beats Jordan (1-0)

Syria’s Olympic football team beat Jordan 1-0 in their third match of Dubai International Championship in UAE.

Ala’ Al-Dali (88th min) scored for our team.

It is to be mentioned that our team lost the first match with UAE (1-2) and the second match with Iraq (0-2).

Good luck for our team on Tuesday with Bahraini team.