Syria’s team wins three medals in Arab bow and arrow championship

Syrian bow and arrow team won 2 gold and 1 silver medals in the Arab Championship which was held in Tunisia.

13 Arab countries participated in the championship.

Hala Tellow and Zein Baja’a won the gold  medals while Khouder Jleko won the silver medal.


Syria Wrestlers win four gold medals in Arab Wrestling Championship

Homs, (ST)- Al Wathba players won four gold medals  and one silver medal at the Arab Wrestling Championship recently held in Iraq as a result of intensive preparations and ongoing training.

The three gold medals were obtained by Ali Nshiwati  (92 kg)  for junior and youth categories in Roman and free wrestling and Mohammed Al-Obeid for the junior category in the Roman wrestling in (65 kg), while the silver medal was gained by Bahaa Nakdali   (55 kg) for the youth category.

Syrian Asa'd wins golden medal in World Weightlifting Challenge Cup

Zurich - Syrian weightlifter Maa'n Asa'd won the gold medal in the World Weightlifting Challenge Cup which was held in Switzerland.

Asa'd was able to lift 180 Kg (snatch) and 233 kg (clean and jerk) crossing the American and Chinese athletes.

It is to be mentioned that Asa'd harvested three gold medals in the first stage of the World Weightlifting Championship in Thailand last month.  

Besides, this competition is a qualifying event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


Al-Talea’ ties with Al-Nawa’er (0-0)

In Hama, Al-Nawa’er team tied with Al-Talea’ team (0-0) in the second stage of the Syrian League.

In Damascus, the Army team beat Al-Karama team (2-0).

Ward Salama (20th min) and Ali Khalil (90th min) scored for Army team.

Also, Al-Shurta team tied with Hutteen (1-1). Mahmoud Al-Younes (29th min) scored for Al-Shurta, while Mardek Mardikyan (63 min) scord for Hutteen.

In Aleppo, Al-Jazera team tied with Al-Futuwa (0-0).

In Tartous, Al-Sahel team beat Al-Ittihad team (1-0). Asa’d Al-Khouder scored for Al-Sahel.

In Homs, Al-Wathba team beat Jableh team (1-0). Maher Da’boul (69th min) scored for Al-Wathba.

In Lattakia, Tishreen team beat Al-Wahda team (3-0).

Mohammad Marmour (18th min), Mohammad Malta (32 min) and Alae’ Al-Deen Dali (68th min) scored for Tishreen.


Syrian Ghazal wins silver medal in World Military Championship

Syrian athlete Majed Al-Dein Ghazal won the silver medal in high jump (220 cm) in  the World Military Championship that was held in Wuhan city in China.

It is to be mentioned that Syrian Army club is participating in this tournament in wrestling, horse riding and high jump.