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An archaeological burial site dating back to the Roman period unearthed in Lattakia Countryside

Lattakia (ST): An archaeological burial site dating back to the Roman period was found during excavations to construct a residential building in  the Mar Taqla neighborhood of the city. 

Head of the Department of Antiquities and Museums in Lattakia, Eng. Ibrahim Kheir Beik, stated that during the excavation work of the foundations of a building in the Mar Taqla neighborhood, some archaeological burial landmarks appeared, and as a result the Directorate began archaeological excavations by a specialized team from the archaeological  department in the city.


Kheir Beik explained that during the excavations, some tombs dating back to the Roman era appeared, some of them destroyed without a roof, noting  that they are almost empty of any artifacts and do not contain any decorations, drawings or inscriptions as most of these tombs were looted in past periods.

He pointed out that these type of cemeteries are widespread in all Syrian lands and are often poor in holding historical information and almost have no decorations. The department is currently continuing the work of excavations, documentation, drawing and photography with work to prepare a detailed report at the end of the work.


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