Arab Writers Union holds the first international cartoons exhibition

With the participation of more than 252 cartoonists  from 52 countries  around the world,  the Arab Writers Union held its first international cartoons exhibition in a new way which  dealt with the role  of international figures who influenced the literary and cultural movement.  

The visions of the participating cartoonists' paintings differed in  the technique  of drawing, but what they all had in common was that they they revealed the impact of the lies and brutality of American - Zionist media war against Syria.    

The supervisor of the exhibition, cartoonist Raed Khalil, said in a statement to SANA that  “This exhibition establishes an important next phase to address awareness and root the culture of caricature as one of the means of enhancing intellectual and national awareness.”

Khalil added  "The participating drawings express  a high artistic value due to the importance of the participating cartoonists and their ability to express and simulate reality".  

He believes that  caricature is one of the most capable types of art to monitor reality and persuade societies. 

Cartoonist  Khalil, who won hundreds of international prizes, confirmed that the participating works were chosen by a jury composed of cartoonists  from different countries, including Cuba, Malaysia, North Macedonia, as well as Syria.  

Rawaa Ghanam