Syrian Folklore highlighted in academic research works

The diverse Syrian folklore in its different environments has constituted an integrated cultural unity established by the Syrians throughout the history of their country which has a unique tangible and intangible heritage and a rich cultural legacy that reflects the diversity of the Syrian society.

 Over the past six years, a master degree has been offered by the Sociology Department of the Faculty of Literature and Humanitarian Science of Damascus University to more than 100 researchers and specialists who highlighted in the letters for their Master's degree the importance of the  Syrian Folklore and all issues related to the Syrian people's traditions and customs. The aim is to preserve the Syrian Cultural heritage, enhance its relation with generations, introduce the Syrian cultural identity and stress the role of universities and scientific research in maintaining this heritage.

 In a statement to SANA, Dr. Amal Dakkak, a professor of sociology at Damascus University and supervisor of the master degrees in the field of the Syrian folklore, said that during the years of the war on Syria, the master students managed to submit their letters that covered diverse topics despite the difficult circumstances resulted from the siege imposed on their country and that affected their ability to complete their research works.

According to Dakkak, 100 graduation projects were presented, stressing the richness of the Syrian cultural heritage.

She affirmed the importance of maintaining the documentation project in the country through supplying the school curricula with certain subjects that introduce the Syrian heritage to students and through holding intellectual symposiums on Syrian heritage and through disseminating awareness about the importance of the Syrian cultural heritage by all means, mainly the media.

 Dakkak pointed out that among the titles of the graduation projects discussed during the current academic year were: "The Book Industry in the Islamic Age", "Icons of the Syrian Plastic Art", "The Folklore of the Syrian Golan", "Tangible Heritage and Its Effect on Intangible Heritage in Salamiyeh", "the Journey of Arabic Calligraphy" and Aleppo between Past and Present"

 Hamda Mustafa