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“Syria is the Homeland of Man” exhibition documents the culture of Syria

The Arab Cultural Center “Abu Rummaneh”, is currently hosting the solo exhibition for  artist Nazir Mardini entitled “Syria is the Homeland of Man”.



The artist displays about 40 paintings depicting Damascene old houses and lanes, as well as rural homes, portraits, and calligraphies that are inspired from Arabic cultural, intellectual and spiritual sayings and from the Holy Quran.

He in addition shows a collection caricatures which reflect the talents of the artist .


Mardini Gallery was distinguished by its inclusion of three types of art (paintings, calligraphy, and caricatures) that connect between diversity and beauty, and reflects various styles .


Artist Nazir told the Syria Times e-newspaper"The  displayed paintings focus on the Arabic calligraphy, which is very beautiful and important to  me. I believe that calligraphy  is a part of our Arabic culture and a way for an artist to develop his skills to be creative”.


“I document through my paintings the beautiful narrow alleys of old Damascus such as Sarouja alley which include an ancient market. I concentrate on the details of the old houses which are made of mud,” he said.


Nazir chooses Syria is the Homeland of Man as a title to his exhibition to express his love for his country ,Syria, which he considers as the most beautiful country because of its rich heritage and civilization.


The artist showcased two paintings depicting his old house which was build 180 years  ago and considered as a part of local heritage.


Most of his paintings belong to a realistic school, and he draws what he likes and what he sees using oil colors.

It is worth mentioning  that Nazir Mardini studied fine arts and worked as a teacher in several schools in Damascus and worked in Al Thawra Newspaper. His aim is to hold more exhibitions to acquaint people with the beauty of  Damascus.

Reported by : Nada Haj Khidr