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Syria takes part in the international Elixir exhibition of Shmoua Alsalam Association

With the participation of artists from thirty-five  countries including Syria, Shmoua Alsalm ( Peace candles ) Association holds the International Elixir exhibition at the Cultural Center in Kafarsouseh  from the 18th until the 25th February. 

On the sidelines of the opening ceremony , poetic and artistic activities were organized during which   storyteller Rana Ali expressed her happiness at holding this  exhibition because Syria has always been a land of love and peace.

Poet  Aisha Hasnat participated in prose texts  which  embodied emotional  distress,  while  Rana Mahmoud’s poem  focused on the artist's concerns  directing her poem to her sculpture work in the exhibition  which she  carved   from oak wood through.  

A number of Syrian and Arab traditional songs were also performed 


On her part, Fine artist Lina Rizk, Head of  Shomau Alsalam  Association said in a statement to SANA  that  the exhibition displays artworks by   900 artists from many countries, in addition to 91 Syrian artists from various governorates.

She added that  expatriate artists also took part in the exhibition  via the internet   , confirming that all the participating  artworks were on a high level as a specialized committee was assigned to select  them. 

Among the participants, plastic artist Rana Mahmoud  expressed that  she feels  herself in art , stressing  her happiness at being in such an  exhibition.

Singer Naya  Al Shaar,  believes  that  heritage is the beautiful and ancient Damascus, which prompted her to sing  Syrian traditional songs  that  meet her ambitions. 

The singer Husam  Helmy stressed that  it is the duty of artists to revive  heritage through many ways among which is singing folklore  songs. 

A number of participants in the exhibition underlined that the  multiplicity of the artist's talents bear them  an additional responsibility for  confirming  the victory of humanity over all challenges and evils.

It is noteworthy to mention that Shmoua Alsalam Association was established in 2017  and its  main objective is to support and promote the work of artists and contribute to the dissemination of the message of art as a means of peace and love.  


Rawaa Ghanam