An evening of Baroque music by Al-Hujra choir at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts

Magnificent pieces of German Baroque music, which is the first basis for the development of classical music, recently performed at a concert by the Chamber Music Orchestra hosted by Drama Theater in Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

Musicians Andre Makdisi and Dima Khair Beck played the violin, Rima Al-Borsha the bassoon, and Fadi Jebili the Clavisan, played five pieces by the most important German musicians of this era, namely Fox, Telemann, Handel, Bach and Buxtuda.

Through the pieces they played, the musicians were able to simulate this unique style, proving the ability of Syrian academic musicians to play a difficult and unique style that needs high harmony and devise different layers of the instrument, especially with  Bartita's pieces by Fox and Bach's  and Handel's Sonatas.

Because presenting baroque works is a well-established tradition in programs of opera houses around the world especially with chamber bands, which are part of the orchestras. The musicians sought their music to be a true simulation of these works in their prevailing style showing the ability of Syrian musicians to play difficult and rare music masterpieces, while many opera houses in the region invite foreign musicians to play this classical style on their theaters.

Amal Farhat