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From Syria to India ... a Concert by the Jazz Band at Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts

Within the framework of reviving the musical heritage of Syria and India, a musical evening was  performed  by the jazz band led by musician Doulama Shihab on the opera stage of Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts in Damascus.

The concert , which was held in cooperation with “Sada” Cultural Association, was performed by a number of musician including Shihab  Ali who played  the Trumpet, Narik Abjian and Tariq Skiker  were   the  piano player  , Basem  Al Jaber played the  Contrabass, Abeer Al Batal is the singer , Hannibal Saad  was  the guitarist  and Faris Al Dahan  played the Drums.

During the evening, the band presented a variety of 11 musical pieces   that varied between Syrian heritage and Indian classical and the flirtation heritage. 

The concert attracted a large audience of young people, who liked jazz songs because of the vitality and enthusiasm that Western opera songs lack as well as providing an opportunity for communication between musicians and a Syrian audience with a taste for this type of music.


It is noteworthy that the jazz band was established in 2018 from a group of experienced players in Syria, some of whom have participated in the Syrian Jazz Orchestra since 2005 and organized a workshop in 2019 to introduce Jazz music to the students of the Higher Institute of Music. 

 Rawaa Ghanam