The antiques and heritage exhibition entitled (Syria, History and Civilization) opened in Dummar Heritage Incubator

Damascus (ST): The exhibition of antiques and heritage was opened in Dummar Central Incubator for Traditional Arts of the General Union of Craftsmen in Damascus, entitled “Syria, History and Civilization.” It will last for ten days. The exhibition included several pavilions containing places for displaying the products of traditional craftsmen, such as the extraction of perfumes, tanning, folk crafts, inlaying on wood, inlaying copper, old handicrafts of straw, natural silk, embroideries, handbags, wooden musical instruments, leather, pottery, medicinal herbs, and various products of clothing produced by a special section in the incubator in which the wounded army members work.

 Head of the Craftsmen Union, Naji Al-Hadawa, said in a statement that the exhibition came within the union’s program and plan aimed at promoting traditional professions with the aim of increasing production and interest in traditional and heritage crafts and developing the craft product to keep pace with modern developments in terms of technology, pointing out that these specialized exhibitions are an opportunity to market products to craftsmen.

Dr. Sha'ban (Presidential Advisor) who attended the exhibition said that the exhibits reflect Syria's treasures that will last longer than any crisis. She also stressed the necessity of marketing these Syrian products.

Louay Sheko, director of Dummar Central Incubator, stated that this is the first specialized exhibition held by the incubator, which includes all the incubator’s trainers, in addition to creative craftsmen from the governorates of Damascus and its countryside, Hama, Tartous, and Sweida, pointing to the work on rehabilitating the craftsman so that he can develop himself, import his raw materials and market his product.