25 Syrian artists honor the artist, Laila Nasir

The Fine Artists Union hosted a collective exhibition at People's Hall in Damascus to honor the artist, Laila Nasir, in the appreciation of her artistic career through her long and rich journey in painting.
The participating artists displayed 25 paintings in addition to presenting 8 paintings by Laila Nasir.  The artists expressed their respect to her for what she presented to the Syrian plastic art.
Irfan Abu Al-Shamat, head of the Fine Artists Union, said:  “This activity is held to honor artists. Artist Nasir is one of the pioneers of the Syrian art so our duty is to honor her”.
The Fine Artists Union, according to Irfan Abu Al-Shamat decided to honor other artists according to their age and paintings”. 
Artist Hussein Saqour displayed a painting of a salute for Nasir, pointing out that Leila’s paintings enriched the plastic art and gave it a lot in its distinctive and expressive style, especially due to the fact that she draws with a pastel pen.
Artist Sawsan Haj Ibrahim said that she presented a vase as a tribute to the artist Nasir, who deserves a lot as a pioneer of the Syrian plastic movement.
Artist Muhyi Al-Din Al-Homsi considered that honoring her is a celebration of one of the Syrian pillars of plastic art, and an appreciation for her experience.
Salem Al-Akkawi said that the exhibition is as an appreciation message for artist Laila who is distinguished by her long experience in work and creativity.
Nada Haj Khidr