Speaking stones in Hiyam Badr paintings

Hiyam Ali Badr, is an artist from Lattakia, who makes stones tell stories by memorable paintings.She uses Safon stones,which were named after Mount Safon in the Syrian coast, which means the throne of God Baal in Ugareitian.She decorate mirrors, wood surfaces or fabric using oil colors in the backgrounds of her stone paintings.

After six years of fruitful and continuous artistic work in this field, Hiam continues to innovate and invent new paintings every day.She devotes time to search for and collect pebbles for her paintings.


She explained about her artistic experience: “I go alone to collect and choose suitable pebbles from the beach which will later shape my art works, I do not care about fatigue, the important thing is to collect what my soul likes. I often pick my stones from the depths of the sea.”

She adds “It is hard work, but my happiness is indescribable when I feel the audience's admiration for my works.The topics of my works are diverse, steering human feelings such as love, poverty, motherhood and childhood.

Hiam presented many paintings, most notably the teacher's painting, the mother's painting, the Syrian citizen's painting, and the violinist's painting.

The goal of Hiam is to embody art from a different perspective and to deliver a message to the whole world, a message of love and peace that the Syrians are a civilized people who love life and peace, a people who, despite war and destruction, still make great art.

Lama Razzouk