Raed Khalil first at the Cartoon and Visual Arts Salon in Romania

Cartoonist Raed Khalil won the award of the Salon des Cartons and Visual Arts  festival in its ninth session in Romania, with the participation of 560 artists from 77 countries.

Spaniard Antonio Calderon de Jesus of the International Association of Art Critics chaired the jury.

The winning painting depicts the canned eye, which carries a very indicative suggestion about the validity of what we see, specifically towards the fateful and humanitarian issues.


Other prizes were awarded to Slovakian Vladimir Parvirczak and ShahramShirzadeh from Iran, as well as Romanian artists Sergio Grappa and LivioStanella.

It is worth mentioning that the artist Khalil participated in the arbitration of many international festivals, and he is the director of the Syrian International Caricature Contest since its inception in 2005 and the director of the Syrian International Caricature website.


Rawaa Ghanam