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Land Day Exhibition 2021 highlights resistance culture and Palestinian heritage

Damascus (ST): The works of the artists participating in the annual Land Day Exhibition 2021 have adopted new methods in expressing  the cause of the Palestinian people , the right of return and adherence to the land with new techniques and ideas that were not in the previous years' exhibitions.

Oil painting dominated the works of the exhibition held by the Union of Palestinian Plastic Artists in the People's Hall in Damascus, with less presence of sculpture, engraving, and posters .

Artist Abdel Mo'ati Abu Zeid, President of the Union said in a statement that the exhibition includes 44 works by 34 artists that were carefully selected from among dozens in order to achieve a distinguished leap from previous years' exhibitions, indicating that each participant addressed his topic with new experiences, techniques and colors while devoting the presence of heritage, the formation of the Palestinian home, family relations, belonging to the land, and adherence to the right of return.

Festivity of Syrian Trust for Development on the occasion of the establishment of the first Syrian shadow theater team

Damascus, (ST) - Twenty young men and women worked to preserve Syrian heritage through a collective work during the years of war to establish the first Syrian shadow theater team.

The Syrian Trust for Development, within the frame of preserving “the Syrian heritage" recently  organized  a celebration of "Syrian shadow theater team" coinciding  with the “World Theater Day” on the stage of the drama theater in Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

The aim of the Syrian Trust for Development from this activity is to preserve the Syrian heritage and employ it in the development of Syria and the renewal of its societies.

Paintings of nine young women artists illustrate cases of sadness and fear in the exhibition of “Messages of Love”

The paintings of nine young female artists participating in the collective exhibition “Messages of love” illustrate a lot of cases of sadness, fear, and anxiety streaked with hope in ways that carried a lot of daring, modernity and experimentation.

The exhibition hosted by Mustafa Ali's Gallery in Old Damascus will present to the interested audience a product of years of artists within the studio of the plastic artist, Dr. Adnan Hamida, who did not monitor  the themes of each painting and left the artists to choose what they want from ideas. So his role was guiding to assess the stages of the implementation of the work until its completion.

The exhibition paintings incarnate a presence of realism in a romantic way to depict the Syrian environment in addition to expressive realism. The paintings expressed cases of sadness and alienation with  hope for a better life.

Inas Abdulkareem

Art and poetry are two windows for creativity in the work of the artist Munif Kanouzi

The breathtaking beauty of the environment in which  artist Munif Kanouzi grew up was a source of inspiration that affected his psyche and artistic talent and he was able to show his creativity in the fields of painting and poetry and presented distinctive artworks with the brush of the artist and the language and feelings of the poet.

(For You, My Mother), an art exhibition held in Khan Asa'ad Pasha, Damascus

Damascus ( ST): Within the activities of the Syrian Family Days campaign, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, organized an art exhibition entitled “For you, my mother,” in Khan Asaad Pasha, Damascus.

About 26 artists participated in the event presenting oil paintings and sculptural works that were implemented according to various realistic, expressive and symbolic  schools, through which the artists expressed the sublime meanings of motherhood, the mother’s message, and the importance of her role in the family.

The exhibition also included nine “calligraphy” paintings presented by the children of Dar Al-Rahmeh orphanage, in which they wrote phrases in Arabic script describing the mother and the family.