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A charity bazaar for handicrafts works to honor mothers

The activities of the Charity bazaar concluded recently at the Four season hotel in Damascus on the occasion of Mother's Day” and to enhance the role of women in our society .

The bazaar organized by “Mobadrah Ahl Al Sham” charity association and Bregma company lasted for three days. The bazaar included various works such as, weaving, accessories, soap making, antiques, decorative tools, paintings of plastic art and other production of Syrian women, in addition to the handicrafts from our local heritage.

Nancy Ajlan, the organizer of the Bazaar, said in a statement to Syria Times: “This is the third bazaar are its revenue, will go for “Mobadrah Ahl Al Sham” charity association.
“The bazaar exhibited many handicrafts and is held on the occasion of Mother’s Day. The number of participants are about ninety women and there are also charitable societies participated in the bazaar” she said.

“ In every bazaar there are new participants displaying new distinctive handicrafts. In this bazaar we have accessories and needs of the bride. The Bazaars aims to support the economic situation of women” Nancy added.

The army's victories are documented in paintings at a plastic art exhibition in Homs

Homs, (ST) - More than 25 paintings by 13 artists and art hobbyists were displayed in the plastic art exhibition held by the Homs City Council. Some of the paintings documented the victories of the Syrian Arab Army against terrorism, while others highlighted the aesthetic aspect of ancient Homs and the charming nature of the Homsi countryside.

In a statement to SANA, the artist Muhammad Ali indicated that he participated with seven paintings of plastic art and photography that carried a national and humanitarian character. While the artist Nadine Ali explained that, she participated in the exhibition through three paintings dealing with the victories of the army, peace and the Syrian mother who sacrificed her children as martyrs for the sake of the pride and dignity of Syria.

Paintings of plastic art decorate ancient hall in Al-Arba’een Church in Homs

The plastic artists in Homs chose the archaeological hall in Al-Arba'een Church in the old city center to hold their exhibition, which comes within the activities of the Culture and Media Forum, which started on Sunday and continues over a period of two weeks.

The exhibition, which witnessed a wide presence of intellectuals and those interested in art and ancient heritage, included various paintings of plastic art, sculpture, oil painting and traditional crafts.

Archbishop “Georges Abu Zakhim” Archbishop of Homs said the exhibition expresses the strong will for the continuity of art as a simple expressive mean that unites society in its various intellectual and social fields.

16 artists from Syria and Russia embody the meanings of hope and life in a joint art exhibition

Damascus (ST): 16 Syrian and Russian artists have embodied the meanings of hope, love, common life, and the beauty of Damascus, past and present, in a joint exhibition that included their paintings, sculptures and graphics at the Russian Cultural Center in Damascus. The exhibition, which is the first of its kind held by the Center after years of stopping .

Nikolai Sukhov, Director of the Russian Cultural Center,  said  that it came as part of efforts to consolidate Syrian and Russian cultural relations and help artists in Syria by pushing the wheel of art and presenting high-end art to the center's visitors who amount to over a hundred a day, raising a new generation on culture and art, and drawing their attention to high human meanings.

A skillful Syrian weaver produces magnificent silk works with his primitive loom

For hundreds of years in Syria , a rich culture was built around the traditional wooden loom and textile weaving which became  a traditional Syrian craft  back in the days of the old silk road.

Loom weaving in Syria is considered an art , an activity that is still practiced by few groups that have developed different technologies, weaving techniques and types of weaves, using a diversity of tools and looms to create textiles with different characteristics and designs.