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Artist Reem Kabtan in "Sufi Love" Exhibition

Paintings in the exhibition (A Sufi Love) for the artist Reem Kabtan at the Abu Rummaneh. cultural center have intertwined color with Arabic calligraphy.

The exhibition, which was opened on Sunday and will last until the 20th  February , displayed  22 oil and acrylic paintings depicting Sufism art,calligraphy words and  portraits of women's faces.

The displayed works reflect mystical love, spirituality and emotional expressions 

Reem told the Syria Times e-newspaper: “ I was inspired with the idea of this exhibition from the close relationship between man and the Creator which for me is Sufism - the highest rank of love”.

Dummar Cultural Complex holds a symposium on the reality of translation and its prospects

Last Tuesday “Windows project” hosted Dr. Thaer Zain Al-Din, Director General of the Syrian Book Organization, and Professor Hussam Khaddour, Director of Translation with at Dummar Cultural Complex, as part of a symposium entitled "Translation, Reality and Horizons"

Dr. Zein Al-Din started the symposium by talking about the history of translation and its stages of development, stressing the importance of the role of translators in translating the most important international books and transferring knowledge and civilizations of other nations, which contributes to openness to the other world.

Shedding light on common handicrafts in the past and their influence today

Dozens of professions and handicrafts appeared in Damascus, which grew and flourished, then  declined with the development of life, but they left their mark on the rich heritage of this city and its society, even if their practice  has dwindled  or has become  almost extinct.

Through his  study “Extinct Handicrafts”,  heritage researcher Ahmed Pops sheds light on these crafts that had a presence in the past and  penetrated into the structure of society until many families were named after these professions .

According to Pob, " upholstery" was one of the most important handicrafts widespread in the past where its owners were scattered throughout the neighborhoods of Damascus, upholstering mattresses, quilts, and pillows. This type was called Arab upholstery in order to distinguish it from another type that specializes in sofas and chairs. Pops indicates that this profession was  passed down to successive generations, so that many families became entitled “al-Mnajjed” the upholsterer.

“Syria is the Homeland of Man” exhibition documents the culture of Syria

The Arab Cultural Center “Abu Rummaneh”, is currently hosting the solo exhibition for  artist Nazir Mardini entitled “Syria is the Homeland of Man”.

Plastic exhibition in Khan Asaad Basha for art trainers in directorates of education

The Central Exhibition of Fine Arts trainers in Khan Asaad Basha included nearly 100 paintings and artworks that showcase the  artistic experiences and knowledge of the participants.

The exhibition, which was organized by the Ministry of Education, Directorate of School Theater and Artistic Activities, included oil paintings, handicrafts and sculptures by the trainers of the Fine Arts Department in the Central Administration and the School Theater Departments in the Education Directorates in the governorates.

Muhammad Rfayian, head of the school theater department and artistic activities in Raqqa Education Directorate, noted that the School Theater Directorate is concerned with discovering the artistic talents of students in music, theater, fine arts and folk arts. The exhibition is an opportunity for cultural and artistic cross-fertilization and the exchange of experiences between trainers in various governorates. The Education Directorate in Raqqa participated with several oil and watercolor paintings and decorations by trainers of  the Department of Fine Arts, he added.