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Cultural Festivity held in Lattakia to Honor Creative, Talented Syrian Children

"Caring about Syria’s children is a very important issue that necessitates collective efforts by the family, the society and the government as Syria’s children are the future generation who will take part effectively in rebuilding Syria, the cradle of civilizations and the land of peace, culture and art,” Assistant Minister of Culture, Eng Sanaa Al-Shawwa, said in a statement to the "Syriatimes" e-newspaper on the sideline of the “Childhood and Innovation” festivity held recently at Dar Al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia province.

The event, held by the Child Culture Directorate of the Culture Ministry, aimed to honor the winner children from Lattakia who had participated in the ministry’s annual artistic and culture competitions. Participants in the competitions were children aged 7-17 years representing all the Syrian provinces.

Among honored winners from Lattakia province were children of martyrs as well as some children with special needs.

 Al-Shawwa pointed out that these competitions are held annually starting from the Ministry's keenness on supporting children’s artistic, cultural and innovative skills and on crystallizing their talents.

She made it clear that the competitions covered the art of painting, calligraphy, in addition to story, poetry and essay writing as well as photography.

Malak Yassin, Head of the Child’s Culture Directorate at the Ministry of Culture, on her part told Syriatimes that "this festivity is of great importance to send out a strong message to the entire world that Syria’s children are still creative, skillful and talented and are determined to overcome all the hardships they have faced during the long years of the sever crisis.”

Optimism, Love, Nature Main Themes of Syrian Artist Moheddin al-Homsi's New Exhibition

In his new exhibition "Brightness of Light and Color", currently held at the Abo Rumaneh Arab Cultural Center in Damascus, Syrian artist Moheddin Al-Homsi has tried to reflect the current social situation of the Syrians and send a message of peace, good and optimism.    

The artist managed, in 23 big-sized artworks, to depict different themes reflecting the current social situation of the Syrian man and the optimistic vision of the Syrians towards future through using bright colors and shapes. He used acrylic colors and collage technique to express his views. [Collage is a technique of an art production, primarily used in the visual arts, where the artwork is made from an assemblage of different forms, thus creating a new whole].

Skills and Career Center at Tishreen University in Lattakia a Bridge between Syrian Students and Job Market

The Skills and Career Center at Tishreen University in the Syrian province of Lattakia plays a vital and efficient role as a bridge between Tishreen University students and labor market. The center supports the university students through developing their knowledge and skills relevant for their further education and future employment and through connecting them to the business community.

 "The center was established in 2011 at Tishreen university in accordance with an agreement with the EU, which aimed at establishing vocational training centers at some Syrian public and private universities”, Dr. Neruda Barakat, Head of the Skills and Career Centre at Tishreen university, said in an interview with the Syriatimes e-newspaper.

Dr. Barakat is also a professor at the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Faculty and one of the European Union (EU) coordinators of the students exchange programs with some universities.

When asked about the center’s goals , Dr. Barakat said “the center aims at enhancing the students’ capabilities, knowledge and practical skills relevant for employment, providing information for students on various education opportunities, connecting students to the job market through receiving  training in companies in addition to providing counseling services for students with dilemmas about their career choice in the labor market upon graduation”.

Syrian Company for Handicrafts Opens "Ubbaha" Center In Lattakia to Revive Famous Syrian Traditional Industries

"Undoubtedly, Syria is home to the oldest and most famous handicrafts that refelct Syria’s civilization,  cultural heritage and identity. This industry has been a vital part of the aesthetic culture that characterized Syria throughout history,” Mr. Kenan Shammat, Head of Operations at the Syrian Company for Handicrafts said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the occasion of the recent opening of the company's “Ubbaha” ( luxurious) center for exhibiting and supporting Syrian handicrafts in Lattakia.

Shammat pointed out that the Syrian company for handicrafts was established in 2016 in Damascus as one of the institutions of the Syrian Trust for Development aiming to revive and preserve the deep-rooted Syrian handicrafts industry. The company also seeks finding new local and foreign markets for the handicrafts, transferring the industry to the coming generations, shedding light on the industry's importance and developing its tools and cooperating with Syrian craftsmen to enhance and promote their skills, he said.

Effective Syrian Participation in Cairo International Book Fair

Over the past eight years, the Syrian people have faced a terrorist war that affected all walks of life in the country, including culture, yet this heinous terrorist aggression couldn't stop the Syrians from seeking a way to convey Syria's cultural message to the world.

Within this framework, Syria participated in the 50th Cairo International Book Fair which was concluded yesterday after showcasing thousands of books published by more than 1200 publishing houses representing 35 Arab and foreign countries.

The participating Syrian publishers stressed that the Syrian publishing houses  will continue to take part in all Arab and international events despite the war and the conspiracy that Syria is facing.