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“ Al-Sarraj” village…stunning beauty between ancient rivers and castles

Charming nature ,  fresh air in addition to  pine and oak forests  on the road dazzle the visitor on his way to the village of Al-Sarraj in Lattakia countryside which is characterized by its  ancient rivers and  springs , its  location on  the road  of the four castles including  Salah  Eddin , Al-Muhalabiyah, Bani Qahtan and Minaqah, in addition to   its closeness  to the Shuh and  Cedar Reserve.

Al-Sarraj, which is  700 meters above sea level,  is  surrounded by a river that runs from  Al-Qarir on the northern side and meets Al-Blat river that stems from Jubet Berghal  village , according to  Eng. Mudar Murshid ,  head of the municipality of Karm Al-M’aysara to which the village  is affiliated. 

He added that the forests of pine, oak and perennial cedar which fence the village, make it more beautiful.

Murshid  told SANA that the village is administratively affiliated to  Al-Haffah area  in  Al-Muzairaa  township and it is famous for growing wheat and tobacco, in addition to cold-resistant fruit trees.

He underlined that  the village has stunning views in  Al- Sarraj river valley, where the Ministry of Tourism  held  “Awafi” Traditional Folk Food Festival last year.


Rawaa Ghanam